AME Development Sets Its Integrated Industrial Parks Apart With Intuitive Lifestyle Amenities And Eco-Friendly Features

[PropertyGuru]01 October 2020

AME Development has been actively involved in planning and designing large-scale industrial projects since it was established in 2008.

Today, it is one of the country’s most reputable integrated industrial park developers with a successful track record of five developments within the southern economic corridor of Iskandar Malaysia, including its award-winning signature brand i-Park, which accounts for two of its current parks.

Building on the success of its Special Recognition for Industrial/Logistic Development for i-Park@Indahpura in 2019, the company picked up six more awards at this year’s PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Malaysia), including Special Recognition for Building Communities; Special Recognition for environmental, Social & Governance; Special Recognition in Sustainable Construction; Special Recognition in Sustainable Design; and Special Recognition for Building Communities. AME’s most notable achievement, however, was bagging the top spot in the recently introduced Best Industrial Developer category. 

“AME Development sets high standards with a robust, result-oriented approach to creating integrated industrial parks in Malaysia, carving out an equally solid reputation,” according to the Awards’ judging panel. “Innovation, sustainability and environment combine with quality assurance and a proven track record for crafting work sites with impressive and intuitive lifestyle features.”

One of the major catalysts driving the company’s innovative approach to industrial parks in recent years is the increased presence of multinational corporation (MNC) clients since the launch of the i-Park brand. With MNC now representing more than 80 percent of the brand’s clients — alongside the steady demand from local small- and medium-sized enterprises — AME Development’s CEO recently explained that the firm always strives to be ahead of the curve and adapt to the latest trends and market demand.

The developer is also renowned for offering clients flexibility, from standard building layouts to custom-built factories, in order to cater to the multitude of industrial needs. Going forward, they plan to enhance and increase factory construction using an industrialised building system method that minimises reliance on labour and improves construction quality.

Industrial developments are traditionally perceived as polluted, contaminated sites. Yet AME Development takes an alternative approach by factoring in the quality of life and lifestyle requirements of the local community and staff, whilst remaining committed to attracting clean, environmentally-friendly industry. It is with this in mind that the judges singled out AME Development for Special Recognition in Sustainable Construction and Special Recognition in Sustainable Design categories at this year’s awards ceremony.

“From the use of efficient, eco-friendly materials such as reflective glass, to resource-saving systems such as rainwater harvesting and smart building orientation, AME Development sets a high bar for sustainable design principles,” the judges noted. “Incorporating this focus in industrial development projects adeptly injects end-to-end sustainability from construction to ongoing consumption.”

The management team of i-Park, meanwhile, places a strong emphasis on the maintenance of the park to ensure sustainable development in the long run. It aims to create a hassle-free ownership experience for investors with a comprehensive list of turnkey solutions that increase value appreciation of the development.

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