i-Park Senai Airport City Concept


A New Benchmark of Industrial Park Development

Brilliantly Sustainable & Well-Managed

Uniquely orchestrated benefits of clean and green atmosphere complemented with sports & recreational facilities, fully optimized industrial space, a one stop business solution with ease of mind operations setting up.

i-Park is uniquely conceptualized to merge industrial activities, business operations, healthy and relaxing lifestyles together in a fully integrated hub. This means all your needs for commerce and retail, wellness plus all kinds of amenities of convenience are made available too right here at your doorstep.

Not forgetting the superb connectivity and accessibility to catapult your interests onto a whole new level in long term operations and capital appreciation.

Industrial Resort
Infinite Possibilities

It is absolutely amazing how i-Park can synergize two components that are totally opposite in nature...work and relaxation. Achieving both without hassle, no time-wastage, no need to search far and wide... because both your work and leisure settings are at the same doorstep!

Here, the business and their staff embrace the full glory of magnificently natural outdoors and all manner of resort-style amenities right in the heart of a booming urban sprawl. Acre upon acre of lushly trimmed landscaped architecture incorporate water, greenery and daily conveniences from eateries to wellness centers in order to achieve the most conducive working environment that will boost a person’s spirits, physically balanced and mentally destressed for ultimate productivity.

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